Malicious (and real) email roundup

Fake– These are scams so do NOT click links and do NOT enter info into websites.

  • Google Docs invite- This one looks very real because links actually go to Google. In this case, Google accounts were hacked and were hosting a phishing scam targeting Google accounts. Google has since shut this down.
  • Xerox multifunction doc- This one includes “conf” or “order” in the title followed by a number. It is personalized with your name. It instructs you to open an attachment which was sent from a Xerox machine. The link looks like an attachment name, but actually goes to a malicious website.
  • “You have a message from President Ana M”- Curious what the UW prez would like to tell you? Don’t be, because this one’s fake. It’s a scam to steal UW NetID credentials.
  • “Update”- This one appears to be from a UW email address (faked). It targets your UW NetID acct, threatens to suspend your email if you don’t respond within 24 hrs, and contains a link to a malicious website.
  • “NetID Update”- This one also appears to be from a UW address. It also targets UW NetID and threatens to terminate your acct if you do not respond. It has a link which appears to be to a UW website, but is actually a malicious website.
  • “Employee Self Service” – This one is a real mishmash. It features obviously fake email addresses, references to Microsoft Outlook, a link to a malicious website, and oddly, a National Health Laboratory Service disclaimer.
  • “Re-validate mailbox”- This is another generic sort of phishing email targeting Microsoft Outlook users. It asks you to verify acct in order to increase storage capacity.
  • “Scanned_Invoice873.pdf -Dropbox”- This one invites you to go to a malicious website (supposedly Dropbox) and retrieve a mysterious PDF invoice.

Real– I have confirmed that the following are legit emails. You may safely click links in the email and enter your personal information on the websites.

  • UW Transportation office reminder to renew UPASS and other commute products.
  • UW Transportation office request to update vehicle registration.
  • UW Office of Regional and Community Relations employee housing survey- links to Survey Monkey.