Tips for staying safe with email

Tips for recipients:
*The key thing to watch out for is unsolicited email. Unsolicited means that you were not expecting it.
*It doesn’t matter if you recognize the sender or not- sender name and address are easily faked.
*If an unsolicited email contains a link or attachment, do not click link or open attachment unless you can verify that the sender sent you this exact email. It doesn’t matter that they have sent you emails in the past.
*Checking on unsolicited emails does take extra time. But it might save you from getting phished or having your computer infected with malware, both of which are time-consuming problems to fix.

Tips for senders:
*To the extent possible, don’t send emails with links or attachments. Instead reference where the link or document is on a shared resource. Example: “To log onto the UW Employee Self Service webpage, please use the link on the Clinical Lab Links webpage under the UW Resources header.”
*Never send unsolicited emails with links or attachments. Always let your recipient know ahead of time if you will be sending a link or attachment.
*Never send links to secure systems that require login. This trains recipients to click links in email and log in when prompted, which is a key component of phishing campaigns.

Let’s do everything we can to keep ourselves and our co-workers safe!