Discourses and Practices of Policing Borders

The speak­ers for the 2012 fall quar­ter are speak­ing on top­ics rel­e­vant to the dis­courses and prac­tices of polic­ing bor­ders. Sem­i­nar par­tic­i­pants trou­ble the dis­ci­pli­nary locus of bor­der­lands stud­ies, the spa­tial­ity of geopo­lit­i­cal juris­dic­tions and place-making prac­tices, and the log­ics of nation­al­ity, dias­pora and translocality.

Octo­ber 8–9: Re-Mapping Bor­der­lands Studies

Octo­ber 25–26: Pro­tect­ing the Home­land? Con­struct­ing Bor­ders and Bor­der Crises

Novem­ber 29–30: Caribbean Bor­ders: Near and Far

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