Indigenous Perspectives on Political Boundaries

The speak­ers for the 2013 spring quar­ter are speak­ing on top­ics rel­e­vant to Indige­nous per­spec­tives on polit­i­cal bound­aries. Sem­i­nar par­tic­i­pants dis­cuss tribal sov­er­eignty as a form of bor­der enforce­ment, extrac­tivism in Native and Indige­nous home­lands, and impacts of the impe­r­ial clas­si­fi­ca­tion of liv­ing beings.

April 11–12: Map­ping Sov­er­eignty: Indige­nous Borderlands

May 2–3: Extract­ing Sov­er­eignty: Extrac­tive Indus­tries Across the Americas

May 23–24: Bor­ders of Kin­ship: Species/Race/Indigeneity

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