Research and Clinics

The Behav­ioral Research & Ther­apy Clin­ics (BRTC) is a research and train­ing facil­ity at the Uni­ver­sity of Wash­ing­ton that spe­cial­izes in devel­op­ing and eval­u­at­ing new treat­ments for difficult-to-treat dis­or­ders and train­ing ther­a­pists in the use of effec­tive behav­ioral treat­ments for com­plex, multi-systemic dis­or­ders. Our cur­rent research and train­ing pro­grams focus on recur­rent sui­ci­dal behav­iors, Bor­der­line Per­son­al­ity Dis­or­der and asso­ci­ated emo­tional, behav­ioral, and cog­ni­tive disorder.

What kind of clin­ics make up the BRTC?

The Behav­ioral Research and Ther­apy Clin­ics is an umbrella term that refers to sev­eral clin­ics oper­at­ing together. Cur­rently we con­sist of the fol­low­ing clinics:

Sui­ci­dal Behav­iors Research Clinic (SBRC) The SBRC started in 1980 with the first fed­eral grant to develop a treat­ment for sui­ci­dal behaviors.

PTSD Research Clinic (PRC) The PRC started in 2009 with the first fed­eral grant to develop and eval­u­ate treat­ments for PTSD among indi­vid­u­als with sui­ci­dal and self-injurious behaviors.

Sub­stance Abuse Research Clinic (SARC) The SARC started in 1993 with the first fed­eral grant to develop a treat­ment for drug addic­tion. We are not accept­ing new patients into this clinic at the present time.

Treat­ment Devel­op­ment Clinic (TDC) The TDC started in 1998 as con­sor­tium of research ther­a­pists work­ing together to develop and eval­u­ate new treat­ments for severe men­tal dis­or­ders and to train research ther­a­pists in these new treat­ments. The TDC also does clin­i­cal and diag­nos­tic evaluation.

Anger Con­trol Treat­ment Clinic (ACT) The ACT started in 2000 to develop and eval­u­ate treat­ments for anger control.

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