Vision and Mission


Com­pas­sion­ate and sci­en­tif­i­cally valid treat­ments for com­plex, severe and difficult-to-treat men­tal dis­or­ders devel­oped, eval­u­ated and made avail­able for dissemination.


The BRTC devel­ops and eval­u­ates new treat­ments for difficult-to-treat indi­vid­u­als with severe and com­plex dis­or­ders of per­va­sive emo­tion dys­reg­u­la­tion. The BRTC is par­tic­u­larly com­mit­ted to devel­op­ing effec­tive treat­ments for those patients excluded from behav­ioral and med­ica­tion clin­i­cal treat­ment tri­als due to high risk for sui­cide, the com­plex­ity of mul­ti­ple co-occurring dis­or­ders and/or his­tory of fail­ure in pre­vi­ous clin­i­cal interventions.

The BRTC pro­vides train­ing at all lev­els to sup­port both new and senior sci­en­tists to con­duct research aimed at devel­op­ing and eval­u­at­ing treat­ments for these difficult-to-treat indi­vid­u­als. The BRTC is com­mit­ted to work­ing with under­grad­u­ate stu­dents to develop research inter­ests and knowl­edge about work­ing with difficult-to-treat patients, with grad­u­ate stu­dents and post-doctoral fel­lows to develop the clin­i­cal and research skills nec­es­sary for this work, and with senior sci­en­tists to pro­vide sup­port and encour­age­ment in con­tin­u­ing to work with very dif­fi­cult and high risk populations.

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