Current Clinical Trials

Research at the BRTC is focused primarily on the development and evaluation of psychotherapies for individuals with severe and chronic personality disorders. Research focuses on the understanding, assessment and treatment of suicidal behaviors. To date, most research has focused on treatment development for suicidal individuals meeting criteria for Borderline Personality Disorder. Most of this research has been funded by the National Institutes of Health.

Computerized Trans-Diagnostic DBT Skills Train­ing for Emo­tion Dys­reg­u­la­tion (PI: Anita Lungu, Ph.D.)
Study closed. Not currently accepting clients.

The purpose of the study is to develop a computerized version of DBT skills for trans-diagnostic emotion dysregulation (cDBT-ER) based on the DBT skills emotion regulation module. The study will be comprised of two phases: 1) Phase 1 for intervention development, formative evaluation, and integration of feedback, and 2) Phase 2 is for intervention evaluation in individuals with significant difficulties in emotion regulation and meeting diagnostic criteria for at least one mood or anxiety disorder. 

Collaborative Adolescent Research on Emotion and Suicide
Study closed.  Not currently accepting clients.

Seat­tle Children’s Hos­pi­tal and the Uni­ver­sity of Wash­ing­ton are pro­vid­ing spe­cialty treat­ment for ado­les­cents engag­ing in self-harming and sui­ci­dal behav­iors and study­ing how to help reduce these behav­iors.  The CARES study is comparing two therapies: Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Supportive Therapy.  Both therapies have individual and group sessions.  We are accept­ing teenagers (ages 12–18) who are seek­ing treat­ment for self-harming behaviors.  Participants will receive six months of free treatment.