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Our Team

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Marsha Linehan, Ph.D., Professor and Director  Faculty Website  |  Curriculum Vitae

Rick Ries, M.D., Medical Director  Bio  |  Email  |  Curriculum Vitae


Katie Korslund, Ph.D.,  Associate Director Bio  |  Email

Melanie Harned, Ph.D., Research Director  Bio  |  Email  |  Curriculum Vitae

Shamyka Sutton, Associate Director of Training Technologies  Email

Milana Davydova, Office Assistant  Email

Jeremy Eberle, Project Coordinator and Assistant to Dr. Korslund  Email

Elaine Franks, Assistant to Dr. Linehan  Email

Heather Hawley, Outreach Specialist  Email

Beverly Kikuta, Project Coordinator  Email

Rod Lumsden, Technology Manager  Email


Current Postdocs

Sara Schmidt, Ph.D.  Bio | Email

Jennifer Shaver, Ph.D.  Bio |  Email

We are not accepting any new fellows at this time. Please check at a later date for updates.


Current Graduate Students

Trevor Coyle  Bio  |  Email

Chelsey Wilks  Bio  |  Email

Kevin Kuehn  Bio  |  Email

If you are interested in applying to graduate school at the University of Washington, you can learn more here.


Treatment Development Clinic Students

Charlotte Brill, TDC Therapist

Kyrill Gurtovenko, TDC Therapist  Email

Elizabeth Marks, TDC Therapist  Email

Melanie Klein, TDC Therapist  Email

Connor McCabe, TDC Therapist  Email

Alexandra Peterson, TDC Therapist  Email