Dr. Comtois’s Publications

Dr. Katherine Comtois’s Publications

  • A pilot study comparing severely and persistently mentally ill opiate addicted patients in dual diagnosis treatment with patients in methadone maintenance. Jaffe, Craig; Comtois, Katherine Anne; Calsyn, Donald A.; Saxon, Andrew J. American Journal on Addictions. 1998 Fall; Vol 7(4): 288 298 American Journal on Addictions1998
  • Managing disability benefits as part of treatment for persons with severe mental illness and comorbid drug/alcohol disorders: A comparative study of payee and non payee participants. Ries, Richard K.; Comtois, Katherine Anne American Journal on Addictions. 1997 Fal; Vol 6(4): 330 338 American Journal on Addictions1997
  • Sex differences in dually diagnosed severely mentally ill clients in dual diagnosis outpatient treatment. Comtois, Katherine Anne; Ries, Richard K. American Journal on Addictions. 1995 Sum; Vol 4(3): 245 253 American Journal on Addictions1995
  • Case manager ratings of the clinical status of dually diagnosed outpatients. Comtois, Katherine Anne; Ries, Richard; Armstrong, Hubert E. Hospital and Community Psychiatry. 1994 Jun; Vol 45(6): 568 573 Hospital and Community Psychiatry1994
  • An examination of college women’s friendships based on heterosexual couple status. Comtois, Katherine Anne Dissertation Abstracts International. 1993 Jul; Vol 54(1 B): 487 Dissertation Abstracts International 1993