Mumps Outbreak on UW Seattle Campus

This message is being sent to all students, faculty and staff from the Advisory Committee on Communicable Diseases

Dear Members of the UW Community,

You may recall receiving an email on February 17, 2017 notifying you about a case of mumps on the UW Seattle campus. As of March 22, Public Health – Seattle & King County has reported 20 cases of mumps in people associated with the UW Seattle campus, which so far have been concentrated among students in sororities and fraternities. However, we anticipate the number of cases among UW students will increase more broadly as the outbreak continues in King County and across Washington state.        Continue reading

City of Bellevue Utility Asset Management Internship Opportunity – Closes April 4th

Good Morning,

I am sending a link to a job posting for a City of Bellevue Utility Asset Management Student Intern position I am trying to fill.  Please distribute this to the appropriate sites or places.

 Here is the link:

 The job posting closes on April 4th at 5pm. Continue reading

Employment opportunities at Goldsmith Engineering

Goldsmith Engineering  specializes in land development and general civil design. Lots of autocad work, grading plans, utility design, stormwater LID / BMP’s etc. they are looking to hire 1 possibly 2 grads that are interested in this type of work. Potentially starting part time as an internship before school is out and then full time thereafter. Would love for you to pass the word on to the class of 2017 and send any resumes my way so I can forward them to the boss.

Resumes can be sent to:

Thank you!

Joe Stavig



WSDOT Summer Engineering Internship Opportunities

Good Afternoon

I assume most of you are in Cabo or Hawaii enjoying your time away from CEE and, most likely, not reading email…but eventually you will. However, this announcement just came in and thought some of you, particularly juniors, might be interested. Just click on any of the locations and work types…the instructions for applying are within the document. And…WSDOT pays quite well for internships.


Joe Continue reading

Beware of Fake “Government” Phone and Email Scams

CEE Majors (especially international students):  Beware of Fake “Government” Phone and Email Scams.  See full email below.

From: Kathy Wong []
Sent: Monday, March 20, 2017 8:22 AM

Subject: Fake “Government” Phone and Email Scams
Hello: A number of students have reported receiving calls and emails from individuals claiming to be government officials, asking for money. We have information on the ISS website for students about the scams, but we wanted to pass along the information to advisors as well in case students come to you with reports.


KATHY WONG  International Student Adviser International Student Services Continue reading