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Staff: Hollis Miller


Image is the property of Hollis Miller and is used here with permission. You must contact Hollis Miller for permission to use this image.

Role: Summer 2016 Field Assistant

Background: I earned Bachelor’s degrees in Anthropology & Sociology and Geology in 2015 from Lafayette College in Easton, PA. During my career at Lafayette, I pursued a number of research interests, namely human-environmental interactions, resilience and paleoclimatology, which culminated in an undergraduate thesis that used agent-based modeling to explore the relationship of social connectivity to resilience among Mongolian pastoralists. Currently, I am studying archaeology as a graduate student at the University of Washington.

Description: My current research interests continue to revolve around people and their interactions with the environment. For instance, I am curious about how people use their social connections in order to navigate or mediate climatic or environmental change. Additionally, I am interested in community-based methods and strategies in archaeology.