Welcome to the Working Families of Washington Digital Atlas

In July 2017, Washington became the fifth state to enact paid family leave.  Starting in 2020, eligible workers can have 12 weeks paid time off for the birth or adoption of a child, or for the serious medical condition of the worker or the worker’s family member.  Find out more about this new legislation, including media coverage here.

Are you interested in finding out more about family-friendly policies and work-family balance in Washington State?  The Digital Atlas will show you how Washington state compares with other U.S. states around a range of public policies related to working families.  It also provides county-based maps of recent U.S. Census data about women in paid employment, working families, wages and poverty across Washington state.  Explore the Digital Atlas!

The Working Families of Washington Digital Atlas is divided into ___x#___ of sections:
title 1 county by county, title 2 national comparison, title 3 xxxx.  The Atlas also provides resources for organizations that focus on themes related to the working families that focus ether on the Washington Station or at the national level.  A PDF version of the maps is also available here.

The excerpted map below provides a county-level breakdown of the percent of the labor force with children and where both parents are employed. You can find it in xx section!