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Moinzadeh_Karman-13-L (retouched)As the last days of 2016 wind down, I’d like to provide you with a summary of activities and accomplishments that we have achieved together at ISOM.  First, we successfully recruited two excellent colleagues, RAM RACHAMADUGU and ISSARIYA SIRICHAKWAL who both joined us in Autumn quarter.  Prior to joining Foster, Ram was on the faculty at the University of Toledo and Issariya, who is a PhD alum from the ISOM Department, held a position at Youngstown State University. Also during 2016, Prof. YONG-PIN ZHOU was promoted to the rank of Professor.

On the program side, we launched the Master of Supply Chain Management (MSCM) Program and the first cohort started their classes in summer quarter.  Admission to the program was very competitive as 39 students joined the program out of a total of 158 applicants. Our other program, MS in Information Systems (MSIS), which has been in place for six years, is doing great. Overall, 290 applications sought admission and 42 students joined the program’s cohort. Our undergraduate concentrations in IS and OM are very popular among students with enrollments over 250 and 120, respectively.

During 2016, ISOM faculty won many major teaching awards, including the prestigious Bowen Award, Dean’s Graduate Teaching Award, GEMBA Excellence in Teaching, MBA Professor of the Quarter, Undergraduate Teaching Professor of the Quarter, and Undergraduate Faculty of the Year.  On the research front, we had an excellent year with a total of 10 A publications and two A-minus publications.  Our faculty are now on the editorial boards of ISR, OR, MS, JMIS and POM, all major journals (A journals) in the IS and OM areas. Recently, we received news that YONG  TAN was named INFORMS Information Systems Society (ISS) Distinguished Fellow.  This honor represents the ISS community’s recognition of scholarship, mentorship and service to the IS field, another testimony to Yong’s scholarly and impactful research in the Information Systems area.  Our colleagues, APURVA JAIN and MASHA SHUNKO were appointed as co-chairs of the upcoming POMS conference (to be held May 2017) in Seattle.  YONG-PIN ZHOU was also elected to serve as the General Chair for INFORMS-Seattle 2019.  Finally, five new doctoral students joined ISOM in Autumn 2016.

There are many more items to report, but I think these will give all of us a good idea about our impact at Foster and in our professional communities.

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  • The  Information Systems Society of  INFORMS presented its 2016 Distinguished Fellow Award to Prof. YONG TAN.  This award recognizes individuals who have made outstanding  intellectual contributions to the information systems discipline.
  • Prof. YONG TAN joined Xiao-Ping Chen (Assoc. Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs) in signing a partnership agreement with the University of Science and Technology in China (USTC) to establish the new Institute for Global Business and Finance Innovation.  The institute will provide an international cooperation platform of international education, research cooperation and talent introduction to the international Finance Institute of USTC.

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HAMED MAMANI, SHIMA NASSIRI (PhD), and MICHAEL WAGNER.  (April 2016).   Closed-Form Solutions for Robust Inventory Management via the Central Limit Theorem.  Management ScienceRetrieved from:
KAMRAN MOINZADEH, SHI CHEN, and H. Lee. (September 2016).  Coordination of a Supply Chain with Multiple Shipments: The Structure of Inventory Subsidizing Contracts. Operations Research, Volume 64(6), 1320 – 1337.
ANDREW SIEGEL and L. Schall.  (October 2016).  Debt Callability and Investment Incentives.  Journal of Corporate Finance, Volume 40, 315-330.
ANDREW SIEGEL (October 2016).  Price-Admissibility Conditions for Arbitrage-Free Linear Price Function  Models for the Term Structure of Interest Rates.  Mathematical Finance, Volume 26(4), 919-938.
HAMED MAMANI, SHIMA NASSIRI (PhD), and E. Adida.  Bundle Payments vs. Fee-for-Service: Impact of Payment Scheme on Performance.  Management Science.

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INFORMS & Conference on Information Systems and Technology (CIST)
Nashville, TN  |  November 13 – 16, 2016
DEB DEY Two of his papers were presented:

  • “Piracy-Induced Competition in Information-Good Supply Chains,” was presented by Antino Kim (PhD alumn) and co-authored by A. Lahiri.
  • “Co-opetition in the Over-The-Top (OTT) Services,” was presented by Antino Kim (PhD alum) and co-authored by A. Lahiri.
FOAD IRAVANI Presented his paper entitled “Price vs. Revenue Protection:  An Analysis of Government Subsidies in the Agriculture Industry,” co-authored by Hamed Mamani and S. Alizamir.
APURVA JAIN Presented his paper entitled “Operational Responses to a Demand Surge.”
HAMED MAMANI Served as a chair for the Payment Models in Healthcare session.
MASHA SHUNKO Presented two papers:

  • “Impact of Server Behavior on the Performance of Queueing Systems.”
  • “Impact of Uncertainty About Co-Workers Capability on Server Behavior in Queueing Systems,” co-authored by Y. Rosokha and S. Bansal.

Four other papers that Prof. Shunko co-authored were presented:

  • “Supply Chain  Strategies and International Tax Arbitrage,” was presented by H. Tuan Do and co-authored A. Tsay.
  • “The Behavioral Impact of Queueing Visibility on Server Effort Allocation,” was presented by Y. Rosokha and co-authored by J. Niederhoff.
  • “Quality Propagation in the Supply Chain and Its Implication on Customer Future Purchasing Behavior: An Empirical Study,” was presented by Q. Yu and co-authored by S. Mankad.
  • “Listen to the Crowd: Network Effects and Online Reviews in Restaurant Sales Forecasting,” was presented by S. Mankad and co-authored by Q. Yu.
YONG TAN Presented his paper entitled “Conform or To Be Cast Out: Quantifying the Effect of Platform Endorsement and Consumer Generated Reputation in Online Service Marketplace Demand System,” co-authored by Jinyang Zheng (PhD student) and Y. Wang.
JIANQING WU Presented his paper entitled “Cardinality Bundles with Complex Costs,” co-authored by M. Tawarmalani and K. Kannan.
YONG-PIN ZHOU Presented two of his papers:

  • “Inventory Management in an Omnichannel Environment,” co-authored by Kamran Moinzadeh and Elnaz Jalilipour Alishah (PhD alum).
  • “Customer Segmentation and Fairness: A Queueing Perspective,” co-authored by J. Liu.

Prof. Zhou also served as the chair for the Topics in Service Operations session.

SHAHRYAR DOOSTI (PhD) Presented his paper entitled “Do Mobile Applications Bring a Longer Tail?  An Empirical Study of Sales Concentration in Online Channels,” co-authored by Yong Tan, and Y. Wang.
ARAVINDA GARIMELLA (PhD) Presented her paper entitled “Crowdfunding Mechanism Design and Its Effect on Fundraising.”
ZIXUAN MENG (PhD) Presented her paper entitled “Announcing Privacy Threshold in Mobile Platform Competition.”
SAREH NABI-ABDOLYOUSEFI (PhD) Presented her paper entitled “Customer’s Strategic Behavior in Sequential Decision Making using  Thompson Sampling,” co-authored by Hamed Mamani and D. Simchi-Levi.  Ms. Nabi-Abdolyousefi also served as the  chair for the  Revenue Management, Pricing II  session.
SHIMA NASSIRI (PhD) Presented two  papers:

  • “Bundled Payment vs. Fee-for-Service: Impact of Payment Scheme on Performance,” co-authored by Hamed Mamani and E.  Adida.
  • “Reference Pricing for Healthcare  Services,” co-authored by Hamed Mamani and  E.  Adida.

Ms. Nassiri also served as the chair for the Payment Models in Healthcare session.

KYUNGSUN RHEE (PhD) Presented her paper entitled “The Influences and Biases of Social Network in Referral Hiring: Empirical Study,” co-authored by Elina Hwang and Param Vir Singh (PhD alum).
JINYANG ZHENG (PhD) Presented his paper entitled “Examine Large Scale App Usage Structure by Graphical Model.”
Professors Michael Wagner, Mark Hillier, Elina Hwang, Ming Fan and PhD students Vipul Aggarwal, Sarah Morrow, Kyung Min Park, Haoyan Sun, Tongxin Zhou, and Zhijin Zhou were also in attendance.
Hilliers_INFORMS 2016
Three generations of Hilliers were in attendance at this year’s INFORMS conference.
(from left to right) Fred Hillier, Sarah Hillier Morrow, and Mark Hillier.
YONG-PIN ZHOU Professor YONG-PIN ZHOU was invited to be the first lecturer in the Foster Faculty Distinguished Lecturer Series of 2016-2017 on October 21, 2016.  His seminar was entitled: Inventory Management for an Omni-Channel Retailer.

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paul_thumbnail October 7, 2016
University of Florida | Operations Management
TITLE: Optimality of Myopic and L-Myopic Policies in Regional Blood Distribution
turner_thumbnail October 14, 2016
University of California, Irvine | Operations Management
TITLE: Planning Online Advertising Using Lorenz Curves
nassiri_thumbnail October 21, 2016
University of Washington | Operations Management
TITLE: Bundled Payment vs. Fee-For-Service: Impact of Payment Scheme on Performance
buell_thumbnail October 28, 2016
Harvard | Operations Management
TITLE: Last Place Aversion in Queues
ozer_thumbnail November 4, 2016
University of Texas, Dallas | Operations Management
TITLE: Establishing Trust and Trustworthiness in Global Supply Chains
pang_thumbnail November 18, 2016
Temple University | Information Systems
TITLE: Armed with Technology: The Impact on Fatal Shootings by the Police
zheng_thumbnail December 2, 2016
University of Washington | Information Systems
TITLE: How Mega is the Mega?  Measuring the Spillover Effects of WeChat by Machine Learning and Econometrics

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liyuankunandrea LI, YUANKUN ‘Andrea’
AREA: Operations Management
MS, University of Washington, Industrial Engineering (2015)
BE, Tsinghua University, Mechanical Engineering (2013)
Optimization Models
Stochastic Processes 
Supply Chain Management
morrowsarah MORROW, SARAH
AREA: Operations Management
BA, Lawrence University, Mathematics (2015)
Health Care
Data Driven Modeling
Revenue Management
parkkyungminjamie PARK, KYUNG MIN ‘Jamie’
AREA: Information Systems
MS, Seoul National University, Industrial Engineering (2016)
BS, Seoul National University, Industrial Engineering (2014)
BA, Seoul National University, Economics (2014)
Open Innovation
Sharing Economy
zhoutongxin ZHOU, TONGXIN
AREA: Information Systems
BS, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SHUFE), Mathematical Statistics (2015)
Social Networks
Information Security
zhouzhijinjin ZHOU, ZHIJIN ‘Jin’
AREA: Information Systems
BS, Xian Jiaotong University, Industrial Engineering (2015)
Social Media
Social Networks
Big Data
Sareh_General_Exam SAREH NABI-ABDOLYOUSEFI passed her general examination on October 5, 2016.  Her presentation was entitled “Customer’s Strategic Behavior Using Thompson Sampling.”

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The MSIS Program partnered with the Alumni Network to host a very successful mock interview & career roundtable event in early October. Over 25 industry professionals, mentors, and alumni came together to meet with the current MSIS cohort to practice resume skills and lead discussions about career success and career readiness. The partnership between the MSIS program and the program’s Alumni Network continues to thrive – helping current students make lifetime connections. You can learn more about the MSIS Alumni Network on our new website

Are you a graduate of MSIS?  Be sure to join the alumni-only MSIS LinkedIn page .

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Situated in one of the most iconic business landscapes in the world, students in the Master of Supply Chain Management program have a direct pipeline to Seattle’s unique, dynamic, and innovative business community.  During the 12-month program, students connect classroom concepts to real-world scenarios through guest speakers, company site visits, and working on a project with a local company during the final quarter.  Learn more about the program at their website.

Summer and autumn guest speakers included:

  • Ann Ardizzone, VP of Supply Chain, Alaska Airlines
  • Kent Fisher, VP of Supplier Management for Commercial Airplanes, The Boeing Company
  • Connie Glowney, Director, Business Planning and Optimization, China Asia Pacific Operations, Starbucks Coffee Company
  • Janice Sears, J.L. Sears Consulting
  • Alan Van Boven, Principal at Supply Chain Visions
  • Patrick Wainhouse, Director, Accessories Sourcing & Strategy, T-Mobile
What should students do after having a guest speaker from Boeing and then studying a case on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner in their competitive strategy course? Go on a VIP tour of the Boeing’s Everett factory!
Bain,Lindsey LINDSEY BAIN-McCORKLE is the new Advisor & Student Services Specialist for the MSCM Program.  Lindsey has a master’s degree in student development administration from Seattle University, earned her B.A. at Western Washington, and has been at UW for the last three years as a financial aid counselor.

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Operations & Supply Chain Management Club



October 14, 2016:
OSCM club members had the opportunity to step inside the state-of the-art IKEA Distribution Center in Spanaway, WA.  Students were SHOWN how IKEA stores assemble and ship throughout North America.

October 28, 2016:
Expeditors is one of the largest freight  forwarders in the world with over 331 locations across six continents.   This trip is of particular interest to information systems and supply chain students as it is a great opportunity to gain perspective on one of the largest Fortune 500 global logistics companies in the world.


November 1, 2016:
Mr. John Fogerty, Director of Global Sourcing & Supply Chain Management at Precor, Inc., stopped by to speak with the OSCM Club and shared  his extensive experience in the supply chain industry.

November 16, 2016:
Honeywell Aerospace’s Ash Armstrong, ISC Operations Supervisor and Aldo Lopez, Senior  Materials Manager stopped by to share their incomparable experiences and the tools used by Honeywell in their  efforts toward 6 Sigma quality.

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changqingqing QINGQING CHANG is a third year PhD candidate from the School of Information Management and Engineering at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. Her study mainly focuses on data mining.  During her one year stay she will be working with Prof. MING FAN.  Currently, she is analyzing the data she has gathered from listed companies on growth enterprise market. She also wants to modify the model she has already established. During her stay in Seattle she has visited the Space Needle and Pike Place Market, and has already built up an extensive photo collection in a little over two months.
jiangyang YANG JIANG is a third year PhD candidate at Harbin Institute of Technology, School of Management. Her research interests focus on crowdfunding. She has been working with Prof. YONG TAN to sharpen her research skills and access inspiring research ideas. During her time in Seattle Yang has attended the 2016 CIST and INFORMS conferences and visited local landmarks such as the Space Needle, Mount Rainier and Discovery Park.
shejie JIE ‘Joyce’ SHE is a PhD student at the University of Finance and Economics, majoring in Management Science and Engineering.  Her research interest is in Operations Management.  She has been working with Prof. YONGPIN ZHOU to do some path analysis using clickstram data on websites.  She has found her experience at the University of Washington to be very helpful in improving her research.  In her two months since arriving in Seattle Jie has visited local landmarks such as the Space Needle and the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit.
wushaohui SHAOHUI WU is a third year PhD candidate at the School of Economics and Management at Tsinghua University. His research interests include Quantitative Marketing, Mobile Internet and Machine Learning. He has been working with Prof. YONG TAN to explore the mechanisms of mobile app usage and conduct many empirical tests. He has also visited many local landmarks including the Space Needle, Discovery Park and the Chihuly Garden. He has found that the VISIT program at the University of Washington is not only helpful for his research but also personally enjoyable in experiencing local culture.
xiezheng ZHENG XIE is a third year PhD candidate at the Beihang University, School of Economics and Management. Her research interest is data mining and online opinion formation. She has been working with Prof. YONG TAN to improve her model and conduct empirical tests on social media. Zheng has found her experience at the University of Washington to be helpful in completing her working paper. During her time in Seattle, she has visited local landmarks such as the Space Needle, Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit and Pike Place Market.
ZHANGNa NA ‘Winnie’ ZHANG is a second-year PhD candidate at the Department of Industrial Engineering, Tsinghua University. She is currently working with Prof. SHI CHEN on a project in advance booking in the fashion industry. NA has found her experience at the University of Washington to be very helpful in doing high-quality research. She praises Prof. Chen’s guidance on this accomplishment.

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