Student Affairs Resource Website

Welcome to the UWSOM Student Affairs Resource Website! The website is full of resources and information that are especially pertinent to UWSOM medical students.

The resources are organized into six sections which can be explored in the tabs on the top of this page or by clicking the links below.

  1. UW School of Medicine Resources
  2. University of Washington Resources
  3. Living in Seattle
  4. Complaint and Resolution Resources
  5. Learning Environment Concerns
  6. WWAMI Students
  7. Miscellaneous 

Much of the information is specific to students who are in Seattle for Foundations Phase and for MS3 and MS4 students who are in Seattle on a clerkship rotation. But there is also information that is applicable to all students at all sites around WWAMI. Keep your eye out for the WWAMI logo for any pages that apply to all WWAMI students.

The site is brand new, so as you’re going through it, tell us if there’s something we missed or anything that’s still confusing for your situation. You can send any feedback to MaiLinh Niemi (