Dr. Key Presenting at Pacific Science Center

As part of Pacific Science Center’s “Science in the City” lecture series, Dr. Key will be speaking about LIGO and gravitational wave astronomy in a special presentation at the Willard Smith Planetarium on the evening of May 10th! For anyone who doesn’t understand why we get really, really excited about weird little chirping sounds from deep space, this is your chance to learn more from our very own expert on the subject. Don’t miss out!

Tickets are on sale now via the Pacific Science Center website.

Katherine Reyes Receives UWB Physical Sciences Division Chair’s Summer Undergrad Research Award

Shout-out to the brilliant Katherine for earning one of only three Physical Sciences Division Chair’s Summer Undergraduate Research awards! She’ll be continuing her work on identifying and categorizing LIGO glitches with Dr. Key over the summer.

Congratulations on being awesome, and best of luck with your research!

Husky 100 Award, UWB Founders Fellowship for Holly Gummelt

Congratulations are in order for Holly, wise and witty staple of the GWA group, who’s been busy earning impressive distinctions left and right over the past few months. In addition to receiving a Founders Fellows Research Scholarship in February for her work with Dr. Key, she’s also been chosen as one of the 2017 Husky 100, a group of students from across the UW’s campuses recognized for their passion, dedication, and commitment to creating change in their communities.

Way to be, Holly! Remember us when you’re being handed some insanely cool NASA award! ;)