A list of selected papers can be found below.  A full list of my pub­li­ca­tions is avail­able through Google Scholar (which is not 100% accu­rate, but fairly up to date) and on my CV (which is accu­rate, but not nec­es­sar­ily up to date).

Selected Pub­li­ca­tions

(9) Multi-redshift lim­its on the 21cm power spec­trum from PAPER
Jacobs, Daniel C.; Pober, Jonathan C.; Par­sons, Aaron R.; Aguirre, James E.; Ali, Zaki; Bow­man, Judd; Bradley, Richard F.; Car­illi, Chris L.; DeBoer, David R.;Dexter, Matthew R.; Gugli­ucci, Nicole E.; Klima, Pat; Liu, Adrian; MacMa­hon, Dave H. E.; Man­ley, Jason R.; Moore, David F.; Ste­fan, Irina I.; Wal­brugh, William P.
2014, ApJ sub­mit­ted, eprint arXiv:1408.3389

(8) New Lim­its on 21 cm Epoch of Reion­iza­tion from PAPER-32 Con­sis­tent with an X-Ray Heated Inter­galac­tic Medium at z = 7.7
Par­sons, Aaron R.; Liu, Adrian; Aguirre, James E.; Ali, Zaki S.; Bradley, Richard F.; Car­illi, Chris L.; DeBoer, David R.; Dex­ter, Matthew R.; Gugli­ucci, Nicole E.;Jacobs, Daniel C.; Klima, Pat; MacMa­hon, David H. E.; Man­ley, Jason R.; Moore, David F.; Pober, Jonathan C.; Ste­fan, Irina I.; Wal­brugh, Wil­iam P.
2014, ApJ, 788, 106

(7) What Next-Generation 21 cm Power Spec­trum Mea­sure­ments Can Teach Us About the Epoch of Reion­iza­tion
Pober, Jonathan C.; Liu, Adrian; Dil­lon, Joshua S.; Aguirre, James E.; Bow­man, Judd D.; Bradley, Richard F.; Car­illi, Chris L.; DeBoer, David R.;Hewitt, Jacque­line N.; Jacobs, Daniel C.; McQuinn, Matthew; Morales, Miguel F.; Par­sons, Aaron R.; Tegmark, Max; Werthimer, Dan J.
2014, ApJ, 782, 66

(6) Open­ing the 21 cm Epoch of Reion­iza­tion Win­dow: Mea­sure­ments of Fore­ground Iso­la­tion with PAPER
Pober, Jonathan C.; Par­sons, Aaron R.; Aguirre, James E.; Ali, Zaki; Bradley, Richard F.; Car­illi, Chris L.; DeBoer, Dave; Dex­ter, Matthew; Gugli­ucci, Nicole E.; Jacobs, Daniel C.; Klima, Patri­cia J.; MacMa­hon, Dave; Man­ley, Jason; Moore, David F.; Ste­fan, Irina I.; Wal­brugh, William P.
2013, ApJL, 768L, 36

(5) The Baryon Acoustic Oscil­la­tion Broad­band and Broad-beam Array: Design Overview and Sen­si­tiv­ity Fore­casts
Pober, Jonathan C.; Par­sons, Aaron R.; DeBoer, David R.; McDon­ald, Patrick; McQuinn, Matthew; Aguirre, James E.; Ali, Zaki; Bradley, Richard F.; Chang, Tzu-Ching; Morales, Miguel F.
2013, AJ, 145, 65

(4) A Per-Baseline, Delay-Spectrum Tech­nique for Access­ing the 21cm Cos­mic Reion­iza­tion Sig­na­ture
Par­sons, Aaron R.; Pober, Jonathan C.; Aguirre, James E.; Car­illi, Christo­pher L.; Jacobs, Daniel C.; Moore, David F.
2012, ApJ, 756, 165

(3) A Sen­si­tiv­ity and Array-Configuration Study for Mea­sur­ing the Power Spec­trum of 21cm Emis­sion from Reion­iza­tion
Par­sons, Aaron; Pober, Jonathan; McQuinn, Matthew; Jacobs, Daniel; Aguirre, James
2012, ApJ, 753, 81

(2) A Tech­nique for Pri­mary Beam Cal­i­bra­tion of Drift-scanning, Wide-field Antenna Ele­ments
Pober, Jonathan C.; Par­sons, Aaron R.; Jacobs, Daniel C.; Aguirre, James E.; Bradley, Richard F.; Car­illi, Chris L.; Gugli­ucci, Nicole E.; Moore, David F.; Parashare, Chaitali R.
2012, AJ, 143, 53

(1) Evi­dence for Inverted-Spectrum 20 GHz Emis­sion in the Galac­tic Plane
Boughn, S. P.; Pober, J. C.
2007, ApJ, 661, 938