Physics and astron­omy are our tools for under­stand­ing the uni­verse we live in.  Study­ing physics and astron­omy at the col­lege level is an oppor­tu­nity not only to learn the state of what is cur­rently known, but also to learn how we have to come to know the things we know.  In all of my teach­ing — both at the major and non-major lev­els — I strive to con­vey what it means to do sci­ence, while also explor­ing the won­der of the uni­verse around us.

While at UC Berke­ley, I taught at all lev­els of the physics and astron­omy cur­ricu­lum, from non-major and major level intro­duc­tory courses, to grad­u­ate stu­dent sem­i­nars.  I am also an avid con­sumer of the lat­est research into ped­a­gog­i­cal meth­ods, and taught a course on physics instruc­tion to new grad­u­ate stu­dents.  One of the cul­mi­nat­ing expe­ri­ences at Berke­ley for me was to serve as co-course designer and Head TA for “Sense & Sen­si­bil­ity & Sci­ence”, a brand new, inter­dis­ci­pli­nary course focused on teach­ing sci­en­tific think­ing and method­ol­ogy, with­out com­mit­ting to teach­ing facts from any one dis­ci­pline of science.

I am not teach­ing any courses this quar­ter.  A full list of my pre­vi­ous teach­ing expe­ri­ences is:

Course Name



Let­ters and Sci­ence 22: Sense and Sen­si­bil­ity and Science Spring 2013 Co-course designer and Head GSI
Astron­omy 300: Instruc­tion Tech­niques in Gen­eral Astronomy Fall 2012 Co-course head
Astron­omy 7B: Intro­duc­tion to Astrophysics Spring 2011 GSI
Astron­omy 250: Radio Astron­omy 101 Fall 2010 Co-course head
Astron­omy 10: Intro­duc­tion to Gen­eral Astronomy Spring 2009 GSI
Astron­omy C10: Intro­duc­tion to Gen­eral Astronomy Fall 2008 GSI