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Elective Clerkship Information

Elective Clerkships

Electives can be set up on E*Value one of two ways, referred to as the E*Value Status.  Some have availability pre-entered into E*Value.  Others are only entered once a student is given permission to take the elective.  The E*Value status of an elective is listed in the Course Catalog information. Electives are either one or the other – there is no elective with pre-set availability that would have different “hidden” availability.  Likewise, all electives requiring E*Value set-up will not have pre-set availability open in E*Value.  All required clerkships are pre-set up in E*Value.

Clerkship Electives 2017-2018 & 2018-2019

Permission-Only Electives

No Prerequisite Electives

Looking for elective clerkships that do not have prerequisites? Check the cheat sheet!

2017-2018 No Prerequisite Clerkship List

Surgical Selectives

These are electives that qualify for Surgical Selective credit. Please note that all Surgery electives qualify for Surgical Selective credit. 697/699s cannot be counted as surgical selective credit.

Surgical Selectives List