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Elective Scheduling Process

The MS4 elective scheduling process has two Phases.  All students will meet (in person or via phone) with Registration staff to add electives and surgical selectives in order to fulfill the UWSOM graduation requirements.  Phase 2 will begin after Phase 1 has been completed for all students. Below is a description of how this will work, as well as some scheduling guidelines and resources.

Phase One

  • All students will be randomly assigned a 15 minute appointment with Maggie Tarnawa or Rachel Fong; you will receive an email with the details of your first appointment. The UWSOM Curriculum office will request that you be excused from your clerkship duties in order to attend your assigned appointments (both Phase 1 and 2), as these are required to complete your schedule.
  • During Phase 1, you will be allowed to
    • add up to 8 credits (4 full-time weeks) of clerkships during the first half of the year (summer & autumn quarters), and
    • add up to 8 credits (4 full-time weeks) of clerkships during the second half of the year (winter & spring quarters).
  • We are limiting the number of clerkships that students can schedule during Phase 1 to ensure that the students with the earliest appointments will not fill all of the most highly requested electives.
  • If you have been assigned a pre-scheduled OBGYN elective, it will count toward your total credit limit for Phase 1.
    • This means that you will not be able to add another clerkship in the summer or autumn timeframes during Phase 1.  You can still schedule 8 credits in winter/spring.
    • You can elect to drop your prescheduled subinternship during Phase 1, which will enable you to add a different clerkship in summer/autumn.
    • If you want to keep your assigned subinternship, you will have the opportunity to add other clerkships in summer and autumn during Phase 2 without limitation until you’ve satisfied the graduation requirements.
  • We are unable to make exceptions to the department limitations or “hold” a clerkship.  Much like your required clerkships, we want to create the best possible schedule for the entire class; these limitations help ensure fairness for everyone.
  • We anticipate that many of the required clerkships (Emergency Medicine, Chronic Care, and Neurology/Neurosurgery) will be full, but if you see an opening you will be able to switch during Phase One; these switches will not count toward/against the credit limits stated above.
  • If you need to reschedule your appointment, you will be moved to the next available appointment AFTER your originally scheduled time.

Phase Two

  • Once all students have gone through Phase 1, you will have a second appointment to finalize your schedule.  The goal of this appointment is to add the remaining clinical credits in order to fulfill the graduation requirements.  In addition to the MS4 required clerkships, students need 32 clinical elective credits and 8 surgical selective credits in order to graduate.
  • You will be limited to adding only what is necessary to graduate during this time; excess credits can be added after all students have gone through Phase 2.
  • You can add/drop anything that was added during Phase 1; you can also move your required clerkships around.

Once all students have completed Phase 2, our office will process further changes to your schedule throughout the year as your career interests change.   If you need to make any adjustments to your schedule, please contact Maggie and Rachel via email at somreg@uw.edu.  Changes can be made via phone, in person, and via email.  We will need the following information in order to add/drop clerkships:

    • Department Prefix
    • Course Number
    • Timeframe (dates you will be participating)
    • Site