Index Music streaming: what do songwriters really get from YouTube or Pandora?

There’s been much spec­u­la­tion as to the enor­mous amount of money Psy must have raked in from the hun­dreds of mil­lions of hits his Gang­nam Style video has had on YouTube. There’s no way of know­ing for sure, as all Google/YouTube deals are cov­ered by non-disclosure agree­ments – and do not allow inde­pen­dent labels to demand audits. How­ever, the chances are that though the amount won’t be insignif­i­cant, it will be much lower than one might think. And, judg­ing by the roy­alty state­ments that just landed on the door­mats of song­writ­ers all around the world, we can be cer­tain that the co-writer of the track didn’t earn a for­tune off YouTube.”

For the full story, please see The Guardian.

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