Robert Stevenson dies (1916-2012)

It is my sad duty to report the death of Robert M. Stevenson (1916-2012), certainly one of the leading musicologists of the latter half of the twentieth century and a preeminent figure in the advancement of Ibero-American musicological research.

 Dr. Stevenson passed away at 10:45 p.m. on December 22, at a nursing home in Santa Monica. He’d been struggling with assorted ailments since last July, mostly infections and intestinal problems, and was in various hospitals and healthcare facilities from early August to the end.  He put up a very good fight and came back from death’s door several times, but at age 96, it was a losing battle.   Per Dr. Stevenson’s request, there will be no memorial service.  He will be cremated and his ashes placed alongside those of his siblings in Washington, D.C.  A fuller obituary will be disseminated soon.

Walter A. Clark

Professor of Musicology

Director, Center for Iberian and Latin American Music

University of California, Riverside

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