Embrace Your Stress and Anxiety!

As of this post, we’re two weeks into Jan­u­ary. By now you’ve come back to school and the seren­ity you felt while at home for the hol­i­days may have van­ished the minute you stepped back on cam­pus. While it can be nice to get back to work, if you’re overly anx­ious or com­pletely over­whelmed, you may be wish­ing that you weren’t so stressed, weren’t so anx­ious, that these feel­ings didn’t get in the way of your work, or that they would van­ish com­pletely. Upon telling oth­ers this, you may have also been told “anx­i­ety is a good thing”. While I don’t like when peo­ple say this, the state­ment is par­tially true but should be rephrased: the right amount of anx­i­ety is a good thing!

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