Why Libraries Should Be the Next Great Start-Up Incubators

“One of the world’s first and most famous libraries, in Alexandria, Egypt, was frequently home some 2,000 years ago to the self-starters and self-employed of that era. “When you look back in history, they had philosophers and mathematicians and all sorts of folks who would get together and solve the problems of their time,” says Tracy Lea, the venture manager with Arizona State University’s economic development and community engagement arm. “We kind of look at it as the first template for the university. They had lecture halls, gathering spaces. They had co-working spaces.””

For the full story, please see The Atlantic Cities.

One thought on “Why Libraries Should Be the Next Great Start-Up Incubators

  1. I’m an entrepreneur myself and I believe that it is very important to not only have more start-ups related to libraries, but also to the music industry. There is a huge potential where people can explore a variety of services and products that can engage people AND students into great conversation, sharing of knowledge and social help based on interest. There is definitely a lot to do regarding cultural start-ups and also, the more there is, the wider the range and the interests that will be covered.

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