Digitial Scores Now Available!

Thanks to an Allen Grant and funding from the University of Washington School of Music, we have a new collection of digital scores!  Classical Scores Library, Volume 2 may be found on the Music Library homepage under online scores or on the Music Subject guide, under the “Find Books & Scores” tab.  This collection of scores may be accessed on-campus or off-campus after logging in with your UW Net ID and password.

Classical Scores Library, Volume 2 con­tains clas­si­cal scores from both in-copyright and pub­lic domain edi­tions. The major com­posers out­put is rep­re­sented, as well as many lesser known com­posers and works.  Scores from our very own Huck Hodge and Joel Durand are included in Classical Scores Library, Volume 2!  Con­tent in the data­base includes in-copyright mate­r­ial from Boosey and Hawkes and selected mate­r­ial from the Uni­ver­sity Music Edi­tions micro­film series.  The col­lec­tion includes works span­ning time peri­ods from the Renais­sance to the 21st cen­tury. Cov­er­age of score types is com­pre­hen­sive, with full scores, study scores, piano and vocal scores, and piano reductions.

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