Save the Date: April Ignite! Event to Focus on Learning Spaces

This spring, UW-IT is coordinating an Ignite-style event focused on how the design of spaces can have a positive effect on student learning. Save the date and join us on April 18 from 3:30 to 5:00 pm in Odegaard Library, room 220. Ignite! sessions are a fast-moving and fun way to exchange ideas and inspire collaboration.

Janice Fournier, UW-IT Research Scientist, and Jill Morelli, Director of Facilities for the School of Medicine will kick off the event with a short (15-minute) keynote on current research on the design of learning spaces. Their talk will provide insight into the range of spaces that support learning, how the changing culture of continuous learning is impacting space design, and how physical space and policies can work together to promote learning.

Next, several UW staff will present on the learning spaces in their areas. The Ignite! format requires presenters to share stories, ideas, lessons, and strategies in exactly 5 minutes, using only 20 auto-advancing slides, and taking just 15 seconds per slide. Each 5-minute presentation will be followed by a 5-minute Q&A session.

Presentations will include:
  • Classroom Support Services: Roberta Hopkins, Director of CSS will discuss the current status of general-use classrooms on campus, looking back to where we’ve been and ahead to where we’re going.
  • The Allen Library Research Commons: Lauren Ray, Reference & Research Services Librarian, will speak about balancing informal and formal uses of the Allen Library Research Commons, and implementing programs to encourage interaction and collaboration.
  • Active Learning Classrooms in the OUGL: Jill McKinstry, Director of the Odegaard Undergraduate Library will speak about the new active learning spaces that are part of the OUGL renovation, including the design principles these rooms embody, and the kinds of learning that is best supported in these spaces.
  • Comparative History of Ideas Department Office: Amy Peloff, Assistant Director of CHID will discuss the energizing and collaborative work that regularly goes on in the relatively tiny space of the CHID office, showing that the combination of departmental policies and physical design give rise to meaningful, informal interactions.
  • Learning Spaces in the New Residence Halls: Chris Jaehne, Assistant Director for Residential Life, Housing & Food Services, will discuss how informal learning spaces in the new West Campus residence halls are designed to support group interaction as well as “cocooning.”
  • UW-IT Specialized Learning Spaces: Jacob Morris, Interim Director for Learning Technologies in UW-IT, will discuss the variety of studios supported by UW-IT, and the wide range of activities that go on inside them, including music recording, video production, and digital presentation practice.

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