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Here is the lat­est ques­tion to hit our sug­ges­tion box!

Q.  Please pur­chase Barron-Welsh Art Scale, a per­son­al­ity type test to deter­mine creativity/artistic aptitude

A.  Thanks for sug­gest­ing this item for pur­chase!  If you have a sug­gested item for pur­chase, you may always request it using the Libraries Sug­gest a Pur­chase form.  Don’t worry, we filled this form out for your with your request.  If you need some­thing imme­di­ately, ask one of our library staff for help.  We’re always happy to help you con­nect you with the resources you need to sup­port your research.

Keep those ques­tions com­ing and we’ll keep you updated with the answers.

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