New York Philharmonic: Digital Archives

“The goal of the New York Philharmonic’s digital archives is to make available all of the organization’s historical documents. Because creating such a comprehensive resource is no small task—the orchestra began operations in 1842—the philharmonic opted to start with a portion of its materials—specifically those from what the Web site labels the International Era (spanning 1942 to 1970). During this time the orchestra took its place as a premier ensemble in the world, just as the United States became a world power. It might be more apt to call this the Leonard Bernstein era since the chronology neatly bookends his debut with the group (in 1942) and his retirement as music director (in 1969). Of the more than 24,000 documents currently available, almost 4,000 are associated with Bernstein; this is considerably more than the 1,177 linked with Bernstein’s colleague Andre Kostelanetz, the conductor of the philharmonic’s popular concerts. For scholars who study Bernstein, then, this site provides an invaluable look at primary materials, although those who are more generally interested in the orchestra’s history will also find it worthwhile.”

For the full story, please see the Journal of American History.

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