390,000 new tracks in American Song

Start exploring 390,000 new tracks added to the American Song collection!

No joke. We just added 390,111 completely free tracks to your American Song online listening collection.

How do we even begin to tell you about it all? Why don’t you dive in and see for yourself.

Highlights include:

  • Songs by Roosevelt Sykes, B.B. King, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Kenny Rogers, and Al Dexter & His Troopers
  • Ranch Records, Classic Blues & Rhythm, JSP Records, American Country Hits Records, Essential Media Group, and hundreds more labels
  • New subgenres including zydeco, doo-wop, delta blues, and Nashville sound

Plus, this audio is searchable right alongside your preexisting content, with features including:

  • Semantic facet browsing. Narrow results by discipline, release date, language, label, performer, and more.
  • High-definition audio. Stream tracks at up to CD quality (320kbps), so you don’t miss a note.
  • Waveform view. Use the audio waveform view to create precise audio clips, then share them with your colleagues, classmates, or the world.
  • And much more.

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