How National Symphony targets young audiences: With driving electronica

It’s rare for an orchestra to devote a whole performance to works by a single composer — even rarer for that composer to be living, and onstage. Mason Bates, the Kennedy Center’s composer-in-residence, was the focus of the second concert in the National Symphony Orchestra’s new “Declassified” series, which offers a shorter, late-night performance of music that specifically, earnestly and even a little desperately targets a younger generation. Read the article at the Washington Post.

Vanishing Languages, Reincarnated as Music

The Unesco Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger is a melancholy document, charting the 3,000 or so languages that experts predict will vanish by the end of this century. For the most part, ethnographers and linguists are helpless in the face of the gradual erasure of collective memory that goes along with this loss of linguistic diversity. Time to call in the composers?  Read the article at the New York Times.