A Bering Strait Vessel Traffic Service: Critical Infrastructure for an Opening Arctic (Part I)

6 February 2012, The Arctic Institute: Center for Circumpolar Security Studies, Olin Strader
Nations and multi-national corporations are positioning themselves to take full advantage of the Arctic’s Northwest Passage (NWP) and Northern Sea Route (NSR). However, there is very little safety infrastructure in place to ensure incident-free transit. Both of these Sea Lines of Communication terminate in the Bering Strait, the gateway to the Arctic. In this critical water space it is essential the United States and Russia begin considering how to manage traffic through this strategic choke point. More … 

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Nadine Fabbi is the Associate Director of the Canadian Studies Center, Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies. She works closely with faculty and students to build the academic program including promoting and supporting enhanced research on Canada and the Canada-US relationship. In addition, she oversees educational programming both regionally and nationally. Nadine is also involved in national leadership to promote the study of Canada across institutions. She currently serves as a board member and secretariat for the Pacific Northwest Canadian Studies Consortium; as a board member of the Graduate Committee for the Association for Canadian Studies in the US (ACSUS); as an external advisory board member for the Canadian Studies Institute, University of Alberta; and from 2003-07 she served as a Councilor for ACSUS. Nadine’s research focuses on Canada’s Arctic in particular the history of contact and current government initiatives. She has lectured for local businesses, colleges, on the Holland America cruise line, and for events organized by the Minnesota Humanities Center, the Canadian Consulate in Denver, and Kansas City State University, to mention a few. Nadine was a frequent writer for the teacher journal Teaching Canada and now for the educational flyer K-12 STUDY CANADA.