SWS 2014 Release Plan

We wanted to give you a heads-up on some changes com­ing for SWS in 2014.

We are cur­rently devel­op­ing an excit­ing new Web API infra­struc­ture based on Elas­tic­search to deliver fast and low-latency stu­dent data. When we release this new infra­struc­ture, tar­geted for late Decem­ber, you will see fast, fresh responses from the sec­tion, reg­is­tra­tion, enroll­ment, and course resources.

In the mean­time, there are var­i­ous API changes we need to make in order to help get us there. These changes, sum­ma­rized below, will reduce code debt and allow us to release faster.

June 3

v5.0 in eval­u­a­tion envi­ron­ment, ready for test­ing. Doc­u­men­ta­tion made available.

June 24

  • v5.0 released
    • New data: notices, enroll­ment minors, per­son finance
    • Xhtml con­tracts will change; Xhtml is no longer sup­ported as an API in v5 (except grade ros­ter), but will be avail­able for browser use; appli­ca­tions encour­aged to migrate to v5 JSON, though XML is supported.
    • No more ‘pub­lic’ resources; all access requires some kind of access token e.g. X509 cer­tifi­cate. We have decided to require an access token for all users so that we can bet­ter track usage and bet­ter com­mu­ni­cate ser­vice changes.
    • A hand­ful of other minor con­tract break­ing changes. Mostly, we are mak­ing some of the data types more con­sis­tent across resources.
  • v4 dep­re­cated, to be retired in December.
  • v3 retired (there are no longer any users)

Late Decem­ber (Target)

  • v5 “ES” released
    • No API con­tract break­ing changes
    • Elas­tic­search search index inte­gra­tion for fast query for sec­tion, course, enroll­ment, and reg­is­tra­tion resources
    • EOS non-credit course data integration
  • v4 retired

As always, please con­tact us if you have ques­tions, con­cerns, or ideas.

New SWS Service Level Agreement

We have pub­lished an SWS SLA.  A cou­ple of impor­tant dif­fer­ences from the pre­vi­ous ser­vice pol­icy documentation:

  • We will pro­vide at least a six month notice before we retire any inter­face. Inter­faces (v3, v4, etc) pass through dif­fer­ent life cycle stages: in eval­u­a­tion, released, dep­re­cated, retired
  • We have also pub­lished our cache policy.

Take a look at the Ser­vice Level Agree­ment (SLA).

SWS Section Status by Course

We released a new build of SWS last week which adds a new resource, Sec­tion Sta­tus by Course. You can now get Add Code Require­ments, Space Avail­able, Sec­tion Sta­tus (open/closed), and more for all of the sec­tions in a given course.

Sin­gle sec­tion:

All sec­tions in a given course:

This resource requires a sep­a­rate autho­riza­tion from the Office of the Reg­is­trar. Write to sws-support to request access.

Last week’s deploy­ment also included enhance­ments to the Degree Audit resources and numer­ous bug fixes. See Pro­duc­tion Release Log for more details.

SWS Section Updates

Updated today, blog­ging today!

We released an update to Stu­dent Web Ser­vice this morn­ing.  It fixes sev­eral bugs and adds attrib­utes to the Sec­tion resource, includ­ing Final Exam infor­ma­tion, Sec­tion Start and End dates, Insti­tute Name, and Stu­dent Credit Hours.

SWS adds Degree Audit and Enhances Section Search

An update to the SWS web ser­vice was released on Sep­tem­ber 10th, 2012. New v5 resources have been added to allow MyPlan and other clients to request degree audits on behalf of stu­dents.  It includes updates to the sec­tion resource to now dis­play the new fields ‘insti­tute name’ and ‘joint sec­tions’. Course search was mod­i­fied to have an option to exclude courses that have no sec­tions offered. The ‘search with no quar­ter’ option in sec­tion search was updated so that it can now fil­ter based on the delete flag field in order to show active, with­drawn or sus­pended sec­tions. Numer­ous other bug fixes have also been incor­po­rated into this release.

More infor­ma­tion is avail­able on the SWS client wiki.


Space Web Service 1.0 has been released

The prod­uct of a joint project between UWIT and OPB, this new REST Space Web Ser­vice pro­vides near real-time, author­i­ta­tive data about Uni­ver­sity facil­i­ties and rooms. The data are cur­rently sourced from the Space Inven­tory Man­age­ment Sys­tem (SIMS) and the stan­dard UW Busi­ness Web Ser­vice for­mats are avail­able (XML, JSONXHTML).

Please see the online doc­u­men­ta­tion for infor­ma­tion about the API, sup­port pol­icy, and how to get access.

Think about the mash­able pos­si­bil­i­ties with facil­ity cen­ter point, room capac­ity, room square feet, and more!

FWS has been Updated!

Way back in early April we released an update to the Finan­cial Web Ser­vice and I vol­un­teered to blog about it. Sev­eral reminders later, head hang­ing in shame, I’m finally get­ting it done.

We made some excit­ing addi­tions to the web ser­vice. There are new resources for Bien­nium and Bien­nium Search. You can search for bien­ni­ums (that’s cor­rect, btw, I looked it up, so there) or call biennium/current, biennium/next, or biennium/previous to get the cur­rent, next, or pre­vi­ous biennium.

There are new resources for the Account based infor­ma­tion in FIN:

  1. Fund
  2. Fund Search
  3. Gen­eral Ledger Account
  4. Gen­eral Ledger Account Search
  5. Rev­enue
  6. Rev­enue Search
  7. Expen­di­ture
  8. Expen­di­ture Search
  9. Account Search (which returns links to Fund, Gen­eral Ledger Account, Rev­enue, and Expen­di­ture resources)

The new resources are all avail­able in xml, json, or xhtml.

We also did a few bug fixes and some more of the enhance­ments that you requested. For instance, we increased the max­i­mum size of a search result set from 200 to 500.

Since the changes were all addi­tions rather than mod­i­fi­ca­tions of exist­ing ele­ments, we kept the major ver­sion at v1.

Next time I pledge to blog sooner!

UW Web Login support available for Business Web Services

You can now be autho­rized to use your UW NetID and pass­word to login to UW Busi­ness Web Ser­vices that have enabled this fea­ture. So far, the only ser­vice to offer this fea­ture is the Stu­dent Web Ser­vice (also requires Entrust Token for two-factor secu­rity), but it can be enabled for the other ser­vices such as PWS, FWS, or HRP if there is inter­est. This Web Login sup­port will be enabled for the forth­com­ing SpaceWS service.

Web Login sup­port is par­tic­u­larly help­ful for devel­op­ers who want to browse the ser­vice with­out an X509 cer­tifi­cate installed in their browser. X509 cer­tifi­cates are still required for pro­gram­matic access.