Progress So Far, August 31

It’s almost Labor Day, with much accomplished since construction began on June 18. Yesterday the team–Mortenson Construction and sub-contractors, the Miller Hull architects, UW’s Capital Projects Office, the Libraries , UW-IT and student assistants–celebrated the great progress we’ve made so far over a delicious barbecue lunch. A quick recap of the summer’s work:

The central staircase has been demolished, replaced temporarily with an impressive scaffold that fills the entire atrium space. It has an internal stairway that gives construction workers access to each floor and on up to the roof. Speaking of the roof, a good part of it was removed in preparation for adding a skylight. Lovely views of the August sky could be seen! New roofing  to surround the skylight has been built. The new skylight itself will be lifted into place next week.

The mezzanine was built out to the north and south walls of the building with steel and concrete. Temporary walls on the first, second and third floors are being put into place in preparation for the beginning of Autumn Quarter on September 24. When the library re-opens, there will be a temporary entry lobby on the first floor. Access to the second and third floors will either be by elevator or up a large internal stairway (previously used as an emergency exit stair.) There will be no access to the first floor as much work remains to be done. The schedule calls for construction to be completed in late spring 2013. New photos of construction are available at

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