Construction in Odegaard to Continue in 2012-13 Academic Year

Architects: Miller Hull Partnership, Seattle
General Contractor/Construction Manager: Mortenson Construction, Seattle
University Libraries: Betsy Wilson, Dean; Jill McKinstry, Director, Odegaard Library
Funding: $16,575,000 appropriated by the Washington State Legislature in the 2011-13 budget; tuition funds are not being used for the project.

1. Better optimization of space
The central staircase will be replaced by a smaller profile staircase, creating an open three-story atrium with additional lighting and informal seating for students.
2. Active formal learning spaces
Three hands-on classrooms will be created to support collaborative learning with team tables, multiple flat-panel display screens and writing surfaces. They will be open for informal learning when not scheduled for classes.
3. Joint consultation area for research & writing
Librarians and writing tutors will be available by appointment or drop-in to assist students with research and writing needs.
4. More spaces for student collaboration
Taking advantage of the structure of the building, window alcoves will be turned into team booths for group work.
5.  More group study rooms
Group study rooms with writable wall surfaces and digital screens will be created on the first floor.
6.  More quiet zones
The third floor will be enclosed in glass to create more areas for quiet study
7.  In sum, the renovation will bring:
3 technology–rich classrooms that will provide additional study space after hours
38 new whiteboards for studying and group projects
6,000 square feet of seating within new central atrium space
30+ new unique spaces for teams to meet and work together
1 new glass wall separating the quiet study floor from the atrium

June 18, 2012 to late spring 2013

Work completed in summer 2012:
• The central staircase was demolished.
• A large skylight was added to the roof.
• Scaffolding was built in the center of the building from floors 1 to 3 for construction access.
• A new mezzanine floor was built with steel beams and a concrete floor.

Work to be completed September 2012—May 2013
• Classrooms and technology built out on the first floor
• Furnishings designed/purchased
• Staff offices on the mezzanine built
• New, smaller staircase from first to third floors constructed
• New writing & research help consultation space built
• Team spaces in the alcoves built/furnished
• Central atrium built/furnished

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