Construction Bulletin Week of October 8 to12

Ode­gaard con­struc­tion dur­ing the week of Octo­ber 8–12 will include:

1. Fram­ing of sof­fits on the 2nd floor inside the con­struc­tion bar­rier. Expect increased noise due to cut­ting and fas­ten­ing of materials.

2. Ongo­ing mechan­i­cal and elec­tri­cal sys­tem rough-in and instal­la­tion. Nor­mal con­struc­tion noise levels.

3. Con­crete work to fin­ish steel stairs on the 1st floor inside the con­struc­tion bar­rier. Nor­mal con­struc­tion noise levels.

4. Lay­out and prepa­ra­tion work on the 3rd floor out­side of the con­struc­tion bar­rier pri­mar­ily dur­ing early morn­ing hours.

Con­struc­tion work hap­pens between 6am and 3pm, Mon­day through Friday.

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