Ode is Changing!

Ode­gaard Library will be chang­ing rapidly as we approach com­ple­tion of the ren­o­va­tion.  On Wednes­day, the remain­ing con­struc­tion wall on the 2nd floor will come down, open­ing up a clear view of the atrium from all sides and all the way up to the sky­light. The new stair­case is get­ting wood trim and the new wood ceil­ings are being installed. Car­pet lay­ing has begun today on the 3rd floor where there has been cement floor. The 2nd floor will get new car­pet on the cement floors next week.

Two active learn­ing class­rooms are being con­structed. New tech­nol­ogy, instruc­tor podi­ums and stu­dent tables will be installed begin­ning on April 15. You may also notice the case­work painted a warm poppy color. One of these units will have six com­put­ers; another will have print and scan sta­tions. The case­work will be get­ting inter­ac­tive signs and wood slats later in April or early May.



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