Ode is Changing!

Odegaard Library will be changing rapidly as we approach completion of the renovation.  On Wednesday, the remaining construction wall on the 2nd floor will come down, opening up a clear view of the atrium from all sides and all the way up to the skylight. The new staircase is getting wood trim and the new wood ceilings are being installed. Carpet laying has begun today on the 3rd floor where there has been cement floor. The 2nd floor will get new carpet on the cement floors next week.

Two active learning classrooms are being constructed. New technology, instructor podiums and student tables will be installed beginning on April 15. You may also notice the casework painted a warm poppy color. One of these units will have six computers; another will have print and scan stations. The casework will be getting interactive signs and wood slats later in April or early May.



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