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    • The Husky ID Cen­ter on the ground floor of the Ode­gaard Library build­ing is open its reg­u­lar hours.

    • See the post on this blog dated today, June 11 for a link to a doc­u­ment that pro­vides infor­ma­tion about com­puter labs on cam­pus avail­able to UW stu­dents. There are some with Macs.

    • ESL books can be requested through the Libraries online cat­a­logs, either UW World­Cat or the UW-only cat­a­log. (Con­nect to the cat­a­logs at the UW Libraries home page, http://www.lib.washington.edu/.) See the online guide to ESL mate­ri­als to iden­tify what books you’d like to request: http://guides.lib.washington.edu/content.php?pid=271809&sid=2246263.

      When you place your request online, you will be able to choose what library you want to pick up your book(s) at. Mate­ri­als should be avail­able for pickup either later in the after­noon or the next day of your request.

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