Progress So Far, August 31

It’s almost Labor Day, with much accom­plished since con­struc­tion began on June 18. Yes­ter­day the team–Mortenson Con­struc­tion and sub-contractors, the Miller Hull archi­tects, UW’s Cap­i­tal Projects Office, the Libraries , UW-IT and stu­dent assistants–celebrated the great progress we’ve made so far over a deli­cious bar­be­cue lunch. A quick recap of the summer’s work:

The cen­tral stair­case has been demol­ished, replaced tem­porar­ily with an impres­sive scaf­fold that fills the entire atrium space. It has an inter­nal stair­way that gives con­struc­tion work­ers access to each floor and on up to the roof. Speak­ing of the roof, a good part of it was removed in prepa­ra­tion for adding a sky­light. Lovely views of the August sky could be seen! New roof­ing  to sur­round the sky­light has been built. The new sky­light itself will be lifted into place next week.

The mez­za­nine was built out to the north and south walls of the build­ing with steel and con­crete. Tem­po­rary walls on the first, sec­ond and third floors are being put into place in prepa­ra­tion for the begin­ning of Autumn Quar­ter on Sep­tem­ber 24. When the library re-opens, there will be a tem­po­rary entry lobby on the first floor. Access to the sec­ond and third floors will either be by ele­va­tor or up a large inter­nal stair­way (pre­vi­ously used as an emer­gency exit stair.) There will be no access to the first floor as much work remains to be done. The sched­ule calls for con­struc­tion to be com­pleted in late spring 2013. New pho­tos of con­struc­tion are avail­able at

What Do Undergraduates Want in the Renovated Library?

Late last fall, over 1,200 under­grad­u­ates at the UW responded to a sur­vey ask­ing about their pref­er­ences in a ren­o­vated Ode­gaard Library. A large major­ity of respon­dents wanted nat­ural light and more quiet study spaces. A major­ity also asked for more group study spaces, brighter col­ors in the library and flex­i­ble spaces. Tech­nol­ogy remains crit­i­cal, with many report­ing using desk­top com­put­ers or mobile devices that ben­e­fit from access to out­lets.  The ongo­ing ren­o­va­tion will pro­vide qui­eter study space on the third floor, addi­tional group study rooms on the first floor, and an atrium flooded with nat­ural light. Read the sur­vey results sum­mary here: OUGLStu­dentSur­vey­Sum­mary

Staircase Demolition Photos

New pho­tos of the OUGL stair­case demo­li­tion have been added to the OUGL Ren­o­va­tion Pho­to­stream at The next major step is to con­struct scaf­fold­ing that will extend from the 1st floor to the roof. Con­struc­tion of the sky­light will begin soon after the scaf­fold­ing is in place.

The Ode­gaard Library is on sched­ule to re-open on Sep­tem­ber 24; the 1st floor and mez­za­nine will remain under con­struc­tion, but the 2nd and 3rd floors will be open. The Media Cen­ter is now located on the 3rd floor of the Suz­za­llo Library; course reserves for Sum­mer Quar­ter and Early Fall Start are at the Media Cen­ter. Course reserves will move back to Ode­gaard on Sep­tem­ber 24.

Move Week Photos June 11–15

Move week at the Ode­gaard Library was busy! Fur­ni­ture, com­put­ers, the Media

Cen­ter, and staff offices all moved out of the first floor and mez­za­nine. See some

pho­tos here:

The Media Cen­ter is now located on the 3rd floor of Suz­za­llo Library. Odegaard

Library admin­is­tra­tion and staff offices are housed in a con­struc­tion trailer

between the library build­ing and the Henry Art Gallery.  Staff phone num­bers have

not changed.