EVOLVE: Celebration of Black History

Happy Black History Month! Check out the multiple opportunities all month long to get involved. From changes in campus menus, to educational sessions and showings of film, there will surely be something to suit your interests. This is an amazing opportunity to meet new people, learn, and have some thoughtful discussions!

Check out the Facebook page for more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/995064333862406/



World Hijab Day

On February 1st Pipeline Project participated in World Hijab Day! We want to thank United Muslim Relief UW for inviting us to experience wearing the Hijab and discussing the Women of Islam! We truly enjoyed the experience! Check out their Facebook page to learn more about what they do in the community and events that they have throughout the year: https://www.facebook.com/umr.uw



Tutor Spotlight


Each month we would like to spotlight our wonderful tutors who dedicate their time into mentoring and supporting children in their academics.

This month we would like to spotlight Pipeline tutor Mandy Truong!
Mandy tutors at Rainier Beach high school and here’s what she has to say about being a tutor:

“The reason why I want to continue tutoring at Rainier Beach is because I want these students to have a consistent tutor. It’s important to not leave students that you have made connections and built trust with in the middle of the school year because this is the peak of when students are more willing to learn from you. I love being around the students there because they are so driven and so passionate to move past the reputation that is drawn to their school and their neighborhood. They are my calling to become a teacher!”

Thank you Mandy for your commitment and time being a tutor. We are glad to have you be a part of the Pipeline community!

Meet our 2015–2016 Pipeline Intern Member: Marisa!

Name: Marisa Leong

Major: Intended Business

What I enjoy about Pipeline: I love to work with kids and Pipeline provides me with the opportunity to tutor kids in Seattle Public Schools, which is awesome! I also like how I got to improve myself in different areas when I am tutoring the others.

Meet our 2015–2016 Pipeline Intern Member: Allan!

Name: Allan Torres Camba

Major: Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences

What I enjoy about Pipeline: I enjoy meeting new people and making a difference. I like meeting new people and building friendships across different cultures and backgrounds. I believe that there’s no better way to learn about the many great and wonderful things in life than from good friends. Through this, I could also make a good difference in the lives of those I lead and teach in a more cosmopolitan way by loving people from diverse countries and cultures.

Meet our 2015–2016 Pipeline Intern Member: Vanessa!

Name: Vanessa Nourozi

Major: Communications and Comparative History of Ideas

What I enjoy about Pipeline: I initially heard about Pipeline through friends who had previously volunteered. I had heard so many wonderful things about it. In the past I have worked with various programs mentoring and tutoring kids and teens, and it’s always has been a great and rewarding experience for me. Although I am not a tutor yet, but I do want to become one with Pipeline. I love Pipeline because it focuses on the high need schools; schools that may not always have the resources, or enough help. I like how flexible it is as well with the students schedules so they can be able to tutor these kids. It’s a very positive, community based, and encouraging program for the kids and the tutors.

Meet our 2015–2016 Pipeline Intern Member: David!

Name: David Chen

Major: Early Childhood & Family Studies.

What I enjoy about Pipeline: One thing I love about Pipeline is how much they do not just for the UW community, but also for the greater Seattle community as well! I am proud to be a part of a team that helps bridge the socioeconomic gap we see in public education today.

Meet our 2015–2016 Pipeline Intern Member: Sara!

Name: Sara Mar

Major: Environmental Health

What I enjoy about Pipeline: I love how Pipeline offers UW students the chance to get involved in the Seattle community. Pipeline is such a flexible organization – students get to tutor whatever age and subject they are interested in, which I believe results in a more valuable experience for both the UW mentors and the students. Additionally, I love Pipeline’s Alternative Spring Break programs. As a past member of the Environmental ASB, I can say this opened my eyes to a new culture, allowed me to meet other passionate people from UW, and I had the chance to share my love of science with an underserved group of students. This has probably been the best undergraduate experience for me thus far. I am excited to be a Pipeline intern this year and continue to be a part of this amazing organization.

Meet our 2015–2016 Pipeline Intern Member: Min!

Name: Min Seo

Major: Pre-Major

What I enjoy about Pipeline: Pipeline gives me opportunities to engage myself in community outreach and thus to realize how meaningful reaching out to underprivileged students is in supporting our balanced local community. It also connects me to new, cool people on campus!

Meet our 2015–2016 Pipeline Intern Member: Devika!

Name: Devika Vyas

Major: Early Childhood and Family Studies

Minor: Spanish

What I enjoy about Pipeline: I enjoy being involved on campus and meeting new people who share my interests through Pipeline. I love that I am able to combine my passions of working with children and teaching Spanish through a direct and hands-on approach in classrooms around Seattle. I plan to use my experiences as a leader and educator to achieve my dream of becoming a Spanish teacher after graduate school.

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