Issue with Outgoing Office 365 Messages

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Updated 12/18/2014 at 11:28:43
There appears to be an issue with the send­ing of out­go­ing mes­sages from Office 365. UW-IT staff is cur­rently inves­ti­gat­ing the issue. An update will go out at noon today.

Infor­ma­tion sent to the eOutage mail­ing list is also posted online:

UW Cloud Storage Changes

This infor­ma­tion was sent to the tech sup­port list and I wanted to share this infor­ma­tion with you.

Boy the cloud stor­age space is rapidly changing.

In case you missed it – today Drop­Box announced that they are part­ner­ing with Microsoft to make it eas­ier for Office 365 users to store doc­u­ments in Drop­Box but use them in Office 365.

I won­der how this impacts things like FERPA and HIPPA.

And as you prob­a­bly saw, the other day Microsoft said they would start offer­ing unlim­ited stor­age for Office 365 users.

It also appears that unlim­ited Google Drive just went live for us some­time in the last cou­ple of days.”

So now you have many options for stor­ing and retriev­ing data. Make sure you fol­low all the Wash­ing­ton State rules on data storage.(FERPA and HIPPA.)
UPDATE to FERPA and HIPPA uses of these new updates.
Here’s a lit­tle more detail in this landscape…

  • UW Office 365 (email, OneDrive):  YES for stu­dent edu­ca­tional records (FERPA) in the offi­cial UW ser­vice.  Regard­ing HIPAA… Pro­tected Health Infor­ma­tion (PHI) is also gov­erned by UW pol­icy, even in the offi­cial, con­tracted O365 ser­vice, so that pol­icy rep­re­sents one more hoop you need to jump through when con­tem­plat­ing use of ANY out­side ser­vice provider for PHI.  (If you han­dle PHI, you prob­a­bly already know who to con­tact regard­ing pol­icy.  If you don’t, please feel free to ask me, and I’ll try to help steer you to the right place.)
  • “indi­vid­ual” O365:   NO!  This is a “con­sumer” ser­vice that Microsoft briefly made avail­able, even if you signed up for that with your UW email address!  Rea­son:  no con­tract with UW.
  • Drop­box:   NO for ANY sen­si­tive or con­fi­den­tial data.  Rea­son:  No UW con­tract, with or with­out the MS partnership.
  • UW Gmail & UW Google Drive:   YES  for stu­dent edu­ca­tional records (FERPA).  NOT  for PHI (HIPAA).
  • per­sonal Gmail & Google Drive:  NOT for stu­dent edu­ca­tional records (FERPA).  NOT for PHI (HIPAA).  Rea­son:  no con­tract with UW.

New Demo Copier in AND115

Hello Every­one,

We have setup a new copier/printer in Ander­son 115 and are cur­rently demo­ing it for the next one to two weeks. The machine is a Canon CF5255 and is tak­ing the place of the aging Xerox Col­orQube. The Xerox will not be acces­si­ble dur­ing the demo and all print jobs nor­mally bound for the Xerox should now be sent to the Canon.

SEFS IT has updated the process that auto­mat­i­cally installs printer queues onto your machines so the next time you login you should see a new AND115-Canon print queue.

If for any rea­son you don’t see the print queue you can also add it by fol­low­ing these steps:

  1. Open the Start menu and if you log in as CFR type \\CFR­Print, or if you log in with your NetID type \\FS-Copiers
  2. In the new win­dow that opens you should see a list of print­ers, double-click on the AND115-Canon printer and it should auto­mat­i­cally down­load and install the print queue for you.
  3. You’re all set!

If you need any assis­tance or have any ques­tions please con­tact SEFS IT via email at or by phone at 6–7365.

CFR to NetID Workstation Migration


As many of you are  likely aware by now the SEFS IT team has been hard at work in the back­ground tran­si­tion­ing many of our sys­tems to the NetID domain and out of our tra­di­tional CFR domain.

In the upcom­ing weeks we will be work­ing to migrate work­sta­tions to the NetID domain as well. What does this mean for you? No more CFR logins! Instead you will now login with your NetID to all SEFS com­put­ers. You will still have access to all the net­work shares you pre­vi­ously had access to as well as a smoother process for access­ing email and other UW IT ser­vices. At the same time we will be work­ing to migrate servers to the NetID domain as well, but there may still be instances of need­ing to use your CFR login on servers while we transition.

Begin­ning with Bloedel Hall this week mem­bers of the SEFS IT team will be com­ing around to each machine, log­ging it in inven­tory and work­ing with the owner to migrate their exist­ing pro­file from the CFR to NetID domain. Fol­low­ing that will be an over­lap­ping weekly sched­ule as we move through each hall. If you have a par­tic­u­lar time that would work best for you please con­tact SEFS IT ( to sched­ule an appointment.

The time required for this tran­si­tion is depen­dent on the amount of local data stored on each machine. In order to facil­i­tate and stream­line the process we ask that all users move as much local data to net­work stor­age as pos­si­ble prior the tran­si­tion and to remove any local data that is backed up. Gen­er­ally the full migra­tion process (export, tran­si­tion, import) takes 1–2 hours per machine. How­ever we can work on mul­ti­ple machines in the same room to reduce the over­all required time.

If you have any ques­tions about this process please con­tact SEFS IT either via email at or by phone at 206–616-7365. We hope you are as excited as we are to take this next step in mov­ing away from the CFR domain.