Update on restoration of services

Sunday 5/25 11pm

We’re making good progress so to make this easier to read I’ll give you the much shorter list of what’s *not* restored yet.

  • Gibson and VPN access
    • Resolved 12am 5/27
  • Some file shares going through \\cfr.washington.edu\main
    • Resolved 9am 5/26
  • Some websites from off-campus
  • Printers shared off \\print.cfr.washington.edu
    • \\cfrprint.cfr.washington.edu and \\fs-print.sefs.uw.edu *are* working

If you run into anything not listed here that is inaccessible using your normal methods of access, or otherwise seems to be misbehaving please report it to us at sefshelp@uw.edu.