Update on restoration of services

Sun­day 5/25 11pm

We’re mak­ing good progress so to make this eas­ier to read I’ll give you the much shorter list of what’s *not* restored yet.

  • Gib­son and VPN access
    • Resolved 12am 5/27
  • Some file shares going through \\cfr.washington.edu\main
    • Resolved 9am 5/26
  • Some web­sites from off-campus
  • Print­ers shared off \\print.cfr.washington.edu
    • \\cfrprint.cfr.washington.edu and \\fs-print.sefs.uw.edu *are* working

If you run into any­thing not listed here that is inac­ces­si­ble using your nor­mal meth­ods of access, or oth­er­wise seems to be mis­be­hav­ing please report it to us at sefshelp@uw.edu.