Senate communications

April 18, 2017

Student International Travel Policy (SGP Chapter 211)

The UW has passed the Student International Travel Policy (SGP Chapter 211). This policy outlines three important pre-departure requirements for all students traveling abroad for official academic purposes:
1. Register international travel with the Office of Global Affairs (OGA)
2. Purchase comprehensive medical and evacuation insurance while abroad
3. Request a waiver for travel to high risk destinations

Please visit the OGA website for more information and FAQs.

The UW offers a wide variety of opportunities for student engagement abroad, including foreign study programs, international exchanges, research and service learning opportunities, and international internships. Student health, safety, and security are our top priorities. Administered by OGA, the policy establishes health and safety requirements to minimize undue risks to UW students. The spirit of this policy is threefold:
1. Help ensure that UW students have a safe and successful academic experience abroad
2. Raise awareness so that all UW students know about international health and safety resources and services when traveling abroad
3. Institutionalize long-standing best practices that help ensure the University’s ability to consistently provide efficient and effective, 24/7 support to all students studying abroad

We ask that you take these steps to support this effort and this new policy:
• Inform students, faculty, and staff about this policy and the importance of working with the Office of Global Affairs before traveling abroad
• Stay safe together! Let us know how we can work together to raise awareness and advocate for safe and positive academic experiences abroad

Thank you for your time and support. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.