Senate communications

April 25, 2017

Faculty group writes letter of shared values, Faculty Senate endorses


With the Faculty Senate endorsement of this letter in a Class C Resolution brought to the Senate by Max Leiblich and passed by the Senate on April 18, 2017, we want to share the letter and the invitation to sign on if you so choose. Here is the invitation being shared by the small group of faculty who wrote the letter:

As institutions of higher education are facing increased scrutiny, we came together as a group of faculty and wrote the attached letter of affirmation of our commitment to academic research and teaching as an essential public good that transcends politics and strengthens democracy. We are sharing this letter with you and our UW faculty colleagues and leadership. We invite you to read the letter and consider adding your name to the signatories by going to this link and submitting your name at the bottom : We will post the letter and names as we gather them. In turn, we invite you to share the letter with your colleagues as you deem appropriate.

By re-affirming our shared values and our belief in the power of a public university to serve as a public good, we hope to build on our legacy as an academic community committed to improving the world through knowledge.

Additionally, this letter launches a discussion about the faculty and the public university in 2050 as announced by the Provost in his recent Town Hall and jointly sponsored with the Faculty Senate and Board of Deans and Chancellors. How will we continue to build the legacy of public education, research, and community engagement that has played an essential role in sustaining and strengthening our democracy? We will share more details and opportunities to participate soon. Stay tuned.


Zoe Barsness, Milgard School of Business, UW Tacoma
Thaisa Way, College of Built Environments, UW Seattle
Janine Jones, College of Education, UW Seattle
Max Lieblich, College of Arts & Sciences, UW Seattle
Victoria Lawson, College of Arts & Sciences, UW Seattle
Gregory R. Miller, College of Engineering, UW Seattle
Ralina L. Joseph, Communication, College of Arts & Sciences, UW Seattle
Trevor Gardner, Law School, UW Seattle
George Lovell, Political Science, College of Arts & Sciences, UW Seattle
Angelina Godoy, College of Arts & Sciences, UW Seattle
Ed Taylor, College of Education, UW Seattle
Tom Daniel, Biology, UW Seattle
Kari Lerum, IAS, UW Bothel