Senate communications

September 7, 2017

Committed to the future of our DACA students

Faculty Colleagues:

Yesterday we heard that the federal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program will come to an end in six months unless there is legislative action to protect it. As noted by President Cauce, this decision could have extremely serious consequences for students on all three campuses who are essential and vital members of our community. I speak from my position as Chair of the Faculty Senate to express our shared dismay at the possibility of such consequences for members of our student community.

Over the past five years, DACA has provided a short-term solution to problems faced by undocumented people who came to the United States as youth by providing relief from deportation, accessible pathways to careers, and additional stability for our communities to thrive. This came with the promise that the information provided in the applications by DACA recipients would not be used in enforcement operations. Since 2012, 886,814 DACA recipients have entered our workforce, and ending it will be massively disruptive not only to their lives but to their employers, their coworkers, their employees as well as the schools where they are enrolled and are actively seeking to grow their education.

For those faculty seeking to help students, one place to start is UW Leadership Without Borders Center or by emailing

Our DACA students as with all of our students, all of whom come from remarkably diverse backgrounds and reveal a breadth of future visions, are integral contributors to our community. We will work with our administration to do everything possible to assist our DACA students. We stand behind each and every one of them.

Thaïsa Way,
Chair, Faculty Senate
Professor, College of Built Environments

George Sandison
Vice Chair, Faculty Senate
Professor, Radiation Oncology

Zoe Barsness
Immediate Past Chair, Faculty Senate
Chair, Senate Committee on Planning and Budgeting
Associate Professor, Milgard School of Business