Web GradeBook taking off

Since its launch March 2, nearly 10,000 grades have been sub­mit­ted via Web Grade­Book that’s more than twice the num­ber sub­mit­ted via the paper process. Keep them com­ing!


We’ll keep a list of feed­back from the Uni­ver­sity com­mu­nity here, and include attri­bu­tion where appropriate.

I am not sure where to direct this appre­ci­a­tion, but I wanted to let those know who were involved in cre­at­ing the elec­tronic grad­ing sys­tem just how valu­able it is and how much appre­ci­ated. It is an extremely sig­nif­i­cant inno­va­tion for me given my travel sched­ule and the dif­fi­culty I expe­ri­enced in sub­mit­ting paper-based grade reports. The new Grade­Book sys­tem is more evi­dence to me that I belong to a great uni­ver­sity. Please extend my thanks and appre­ci­a­tion to the right peo­ple and pro­gram for the hard work that resulted in this accomplishment.”

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