Smile, You’re on Photo Class List

Hot on the heels of the launch of Web Grade­book, another new tool Photo Class List based on the Stu­dent Web Ser­vices ini­tia­tive has arrived. Instruc­tors can now gen­er­ate a list of stu­dents in their classes that includes pho­tos. Try it your­self through the “Teach­ing” tab of MyUW: .


We’ll keep a list of feed­back from the Uni­ver­sity com­mu­nity here, and include attri­bu­tion where appropriate.

I found it early, and it’s one of the very best devel­op­ments in a long time. What a huge dif­fer­ence it makes! Thanks so much to all  those who worked on this project!” June, Pro­fes­sor (Tacoma campus)

I just ran into a col­league from Genome Sci­ences — she had the pho­tos in hand and said this would save her 2–3 hours of time as she used to have to take and com­pile all the pho­tos for her class by her­self!  She was ecsta­tic to have the 2–3 hours to do other things!” Mary, Senior Lec­turer

I just dis­cov­ered a new fea­ture in the “myuw” class infor­ma­tion panel… Under the “class list” links for my spring classes there are lit­tle icons that open a page with pho­tos of all the stu­dents reg­is­tered for the class. It’s very sim­i­lar to what we have in-house for majors enrolled in our courses, but it works for all stu­dents and for non-majors courses.” Hal, Senior Lecturer

Thanks for this won­der­ful inno­va­tion, at last… (There are many of us on cam­pus who have been request­ing this for a long time.)” Mariko, Under­grad­u­ate Advisor

I am in love with the new fea­ture where one can see the stu­dents’ names with their faces. This was the best idea ever and it’s really going to help me engage with my stu­dents. Thank you.”