Web Services applications highlighted in University Week

University Week header

Two applications built upon the UW’s Student Web Services (SWS) infrastructure were highlighted in an article in University Week on April 30. This publicity will introduce the services to a wider University audience and help the tools gain more faculty users.

The article, titled “Two new tools for UW teachers: An online grade book and photos of their students,” discusses the positive impact Web GradeBook and Photo Class Lists have had on academics since their recent launch. It includes some positive feedback from teachers (which was shared in an earlier post on this blog) and impressive use statistics for Web GradeBook.

More importantly, though, the article acknowledges the efforts the Registrar’s office took in keeping sensitive student data secure while enabling it to be “set free,” and highlighting the cross-department nature of the projects. Designing, implementing, sharing, and maintining projects of this scope and importance to the University’s mission takes a coordinated effort, and the Registrar’s office is pleased to be part of the team making it happen. Other critical members of the team include the Office of Information Management, UW Technology, Learning & Scholarly Technologies — as well as several academic units.

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