Update: Faculty: Spring into Web Grading this quarter

This post is an update to a pre­vi­ous entry, avail­able here: Fac­ulty: Spring into web grad­ing this quar­ter.

Graph of web gradebook submissions for SPR09

Graph of web grad­ing sub­mis­sions for SPR09.

Many fac­ulty are tak­ing advan­tage of Web Grading’s con­ve­nience to sub­mit grades early. In fact, four times as many fac­ulty 65% of whom are new to Web Grad­ing this quar­ter have sub­mit­ted spring quar­ter grades over the web than they did for the same period in win­ter quar­ter! And those fac­ulty have sub­mit­ted six times as many grades as this time in win­ter quar­ter: over 1,900 so far. By com­par­i­son, no grades would have been avail­able on the 11th day of the grad­ing period prior to web grading’s launch last quarter.

Although final grades for most Uni­ver­sity courses will not be avail­able until finals week, the suc­cess­ful early adop­tion of Web Grad­ing by fac­ulty whose classes are able to be graded at this time is a good lead­ing indi­ca­tor for the rest of the quarter.

What does this early adop­tion mean for stu­dents? Most impor­tantly, it offers peace of mind to those who know their grades more than a week before they would under paper-based grad­ing. For instance: They know their finan­cial aid won’t be jeop­ar­dized by late grades. It also pro­vides a stu­dent ample time to dis­cuss a grade with the instruc­tor before either leaves for break.

The Office of the Uni­ver­sity Reg­is­trar again thanks OIM, UW Tech­nol­ogy, Cat­a­lyst, and all of our col­lab­o­ra­tors for cre­at­ing the Web Grad­ing sys­tem.  It gives con­ve­nience and the gift of pre­cious time to hun­dreds (soon thou­sands) of  our fac­ulty.  For tens of thou­sands of stu­dents, it ensures peace of mind and the timely grant­ing of finan­cial aid, hon­ors, course pre­req­ui­sites, and a long list of other benefits.

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