Kuali’s open-source approach gaining legitimacy

A recent arti­cle in The Chron­i­cle of Higher Edu­ca­tion illus­trates that the open-source approach to devel­op­ing soft­ware to help man­age uni­ver­si­ties is gain­ing legit­i­macy. Released ear­lier this week on its web­site, The Chron­i­cle’s arti­cle “Busi­ness Soft­ware, Built by Col­leges for Col­leges, Chal­lenges Com­mer­cial Giants” out­lines how the Kuali Foundation’s grass­roots efforts are begin­ning to chal­lenge “Big Soft­ware.” (That term is a ref­er­ence to tra­di­tional, fee-based soft­ware and con­sul­ta­tion companies.)

The arti­cle focuses on Kuali Coeus, the grant-management com­po­nent of the Kuali soft­ware suite, but also men­tions Kuali Stu­dent (KS). The UW con­tributes to the devel­op­ment of KS and will con­sider using it in the future. That this open-source ini­tia­tive is being dis­cussed in The Chron­i­cle as a legit­i­mate con­tender to expen­sive, pro­pri­etary sys­tems is an impor­tant part of Kuali’s evolution.

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