New position available: Learning Manager

Information is the lifeblood of a university, both in terms of teaching students and in learning about its operations. With information systems as sophisticated as the UW’s, that learning process is multi-faceted and increasingly important. The University’s Office of the Information Officer for Student Life (IOSL) understands this and is looking for the right person to step into the role of Learning Manager:

The Learning Manager will help build and maintain the learning infrastructure within University learning systems and IOSL web sites. This will enable the IOSL to deliver an ongoing and diverse curriculum of classes as well as provide a range of additional learning services that support users as they develop the core skills required to use complex systems more effectively and securely.

The IOSL believes the best way to invest in the security of information systems is to invest in the growth and learning of the people who use them. At the UW, these information systems include the Student Database (SDB), the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), and Kuali (a possible successor to SDB). Thousands of UW students, faculty and staff rely on these systems every quarter, so ensuring their efficient and proper use of the utmost importance.

The Learning Manager will serve many functions in support of the mission of the Division of Student Life. Some of these are to:

  • Design, create and edit instructional materials and supporting documentation.
  • Plan, coordinate and deliver instructor-led classes to clients on campus and in other business units.
  • Manage all elearning usability testing programs.
  • Maintain the learning web site and related databases systems.

While the position has a strong technology focus, other factors are equally important. The IOSL views learning as a process of active inquiry rather than passive reception; the Learning Manager will use a variety of learning options and technological innovations in order to accommodate a variety of learning styles and needs.

Get more information about the postion, including detailed responsibilities and benefits, at the job’s posting on the UW Hires website. It’s an exciting opportunity for the right person to positively impact the learning across one of the nation’s premier educational and research institutions. Are you that right person? We hope so!

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