Finding your way to classes just got a bit easier

Stu­dents sched­ul­ing their classes have many con­sid­er­a­tions: pre­req­ui­sites, add codes, who’s teach­ing, and where on cam­pus the class is located. The Office of the Uni­ver­sity Reg­is­trar recently updated the links within the quar­terly Time Sched­ule to make this last topic a lit­tle bit eas­ier for stu­dents. (Here’s a sam­ple entry from the time sched­ule for Autumn 2010.)

Build­ing codes dis­played on Time Sched­ule pages now point to new cam­pus map.

Click­ing those links now open the new cam­pus map devel­oped late last year by UW Mar­ket­ing. It’s based on Google Maps and so pro­vides a famil­iar inter­face with cus­tomized cam­pus images. It also fea­tures selec­table over­lays for food options, park­ing infor­ma­tion, and other ameni­ties to help stu­dents plan their routes.

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